Milky Way through the Clouds – Harvey, Western Australia by inefekt69

50mm + Hoya red intensifier
76 x 6 seconds
ISO 3200

This one was a near disaster. I drove 125km to this location only to be thwarted by cloud cover. My first thought was to get back in the car and head home but I decided to go ahead and keep shooting in the hope it would clear by the time I got to the more interesting bits and thankfully it did.
The Hoya red intensifier filter gives the clouds their colour and also makes some nebula stand out including the Carina Nebula on the right side of the image. A mining operation a few km away is the source of the light reflecting off the clouds in the middle. As always, the Large Magellanic Cloud is prominent near the bottom right.
This was shot at Harvey Dam approximately 125km south of Perth in Western Australia.

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Tags: westernaustralia, australia, great, rift, panorama, stitched, ms, ice, landscape, wide, clouds, largemagellaniccloud, magellanic, cloud, astrophotography, astronomy, stars, galaxy, milkyway, galactic, core, space, night, nightphotography, nikon, 50mm, d5100, dslr, long, exposure, perth, southern, southernhemisphere, cosmos, cosmology, outdoor, sky, landscapeastrophotography, harveydam, water, reflections, trees, dead, tree, eta, carinae, carinanebula, hoya, red, intensifier, filter, lightpollution, explore, explored



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