Tila Tequila “I’m a Super Soldier” MK Ultra Illuminati Breakdown Continues

Tila Tequila from what I can interpret is clearly having an MK Ultra breakdown as a result of satanic ritualistic abuse. Something that is very common in Hollyweird! In her latest rant she went off talking about how she was an advanced super soldier with DNA modifications. Saying that she is a part of a secret elite group that is evolving past normal humans to inherit the world. Yeah that’s what happens when you get brainwashed by the Illuminati after being on MTV. Sad really! She needs prayers and deliverance from the bondage. Please help pray!

Tila Tequila MK Ultra Illuminati Puppet Breakdown

Transhumanism Satanic Evolution Deception EXPOSED

https://youtu.be/LlbDlLLj8Ns via https://www.youtube.com/blog0sphere


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