20 YEARS OF RESIDENT EVIL | Dan Bull feat. Jill Sandwich (aka Veela)

This is the longest song I’ve ever made! Naturally, it contains spoilers.
► Subscribe to Dan: https://youtube.com/douglby
► Subscribe to Veela: https://youtube.com/veelabeats
► MP3 http://apple.co/1MBnxm8
► Dan’s FB: http://bit.ly/2nG5y33
► Dan’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/itsDanBull
► Dan’s Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1vYoEkB
► Dan Bull T-shirts, hats & loot: http://bit.ly/2nGdmBX
► Become a patron of Dan: http://bit.ly/2nbH5pE

RAPS: Dan Bull
Sings: Veela (https://youtube.com/veelabeats)
MUSIC: JBZ Beats (http://bit.ly/2nGpwdI)
VIDEO: WhiteEnglishGirl (https://youtube.com/WhiteEnglishGirl)

https://youtu.be/_XfLv8xPLpQ via https://www.youtube.com/blog0sphere


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